Marketing is necessary for your business and nothing does it better than videos in today’s world. Compared to pictures and text, videos have a whopping 60-70% higher conversion rate. And when it comes to marketing using videos, one thing that strikes out from the ordinary is a video mailer.

Video marketing mailers, also known as video book, video direct mail, or LCD video mailer, is a state-of-the-art marketing and communications tool that is sure to make a great impression on your customers.

Here are a few great benefits of video mailers and why you should consider utilizing one for your next marketing campaign.

What is a Video Mailer?

Appearing like a hardcover brochure, or a thin tablet, a video mailer is, as mentioned, a marketing tool. When the recipient opens it, your message will come to life on slim, built-in LCD screens. Being an eye-catching and unique device, it is sure to get into the hands of policy makers in a company.

The top features of a typical video mailers are:

  • Conveying you message in print, audio, and video in one package.
  • Sufficient storage for 10-15 minutes of video.
  • Rechargeable batteries that last 2-3 hours of playback and 3 months of standby time.

How Can You Use a Video Mailer?

Video mailers have versatile use. It is easy to change the video content at any time, and can be used for:

  • Direct mail campaigns
  • Point of sale material
  • Training tools
  • Trade show gifts
  • Major event follow-up communications

Advantages of Using a Video Mailer

As mentioned, video mailers have a great lot of benefits as a marketing tool. Here are some of them:

Makes a Great First Impression

Video mailers make a great first impression. When a recipient holds one in their hands, they immediately have the feeling that they have just received something special. The initial appearance of video mailers can also be enhanced by finishing techniques such as gloss coating and embossing and foil embossing.

They are Attractive

Recipients of video mailers are sure to be impressed by the attractive custom packaging of them. However, they get even more tempting when they open the video mailer and see an LCD video screen upside down, then the “wow factor” hits right away when the video comes to life. This is the moment when users ultimately benefit from the power of video marketing. You can be sure that your message will be seen, heard and remembered.

Memorable Messaging

Messages with video mailers become memorable. After experiencing an eye-catching presentation like that delivered by a video mailer, recipients usually have a hard time forgetting the messages they receive. Traditional brochures and paper flyers usually get thrown away and forgotten pretty quickly. However, the substantial quality and the perceived value of a video mailer naturally prompts recipients to keep them for repeat views.

Also, what naturally tends to happen is that recipients feel inspired to share them with others. The more decision makers receive and remember messages, the more likely they are acting on an action call.

Most companies that use video brochures have benefited greatly. Millions of videos are made around the world every day, and video marketing mailers help companies ensure “right people” see their videos.

To ensure messages are remembered, video brochures combine audio and video into a remarkable package.

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