There are curious industrial machines that are worth knowing. It allows you to marvel at how much technology advances, as with high-powered machines. Screwing machines, cutters, fabricators … these machines do things that we would never have dreamed of years ago.

6 curious industrial machines

The huge machines fascinate us because the monsters we see that neither we ourselves have learned how to build. Curious industrial machines, however, intrigue us for several reasons. Its execution and design, its specific use… there is everything. They may not be especially rare, as many have been improved and included across all industries.

The CNC industrial lathe

Lathes have been in use for a long time. And with the passage of time, they have been automated. That is why before they only turned and polished the piece and now, they can shape it. This is why CNC lathes are so satisfying to look at. You enter the shape of the piece you want to create digitally and the machine will polish the material until it is created. These lathes have different arms for this, so they can create both straight lines, curvatures and protrusions. Very curious how smooth the machine seems to work.

The Clip Bending Machine

This is one of the most curious industrial machines for the product they make. A piece of wire is twisted by a machine thanks to gears and motors until it achieves the shape that an operator has indicated to the machine. In addition to the classic shape, many more can be made.

A spring manufacturer

In a similar way to the previous one. Two pieces are responsible for bending the metal so that it is in a spiral shape and without any imperfection. Watching her work is very satisfying.

Screw Machine

It is a double lathe arranged in such a way that a steel cylinder passes through them and ends up in the shape of a giant screw when twisted. It only takes a couple of minutes to complete, but it needs to exert such great pressure that the part has to be cooled so that it does not overheat. It is, without a doubt, another of the most curious machines.

Machine that creates holes for screws

This great device that is used on pieces of industrial steel is, in turn, capable of penetrating it to pierce it. The arm that has the large punch has a resistance to heat and friction greater than that of the part on which it works. That is why it is capable of doing it.

Carbon fiber weaving machine

As the name suggests, it weaves this material. There are two types, those that weave pipes and that are more impressive since their system and their way of working is circular. And those that do it flat, creating fabrics, similar to a loom.

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