Don’t you become perplexed when looking for the ideal Lehenga patterns that would flatter you? Should you choose a lehenga with large flares or a floral lehenga? After all, we don’t have a Lehenga made for ourselves very often. And, when it comes to choosing the latest bridesmaid lehenga designs, the possibilities are endless. It only needs to be flawless.

Our team went around looking for 2017’s most popular lehenga styles. The list below includes a guide on which body types are best suited for which Lehenga. Please let us know if you have any suggestions for additions to this list.

In 2017, the most popular lehenga designs are:

Lehenga with Flares

This is one of the most traditional Lehengas styles, with wide flaring Which you can find on The lehenga has a lot of pleats at the waist that split out as they move down. This gives the lehenga a lot of volume and a dramatic appearance. This lehenga is not suitable for females with tiny waists because it is heavy and has many pleats, making them appear even thinner.Otherwise, it complements all other body types.

Lehenga in the style of a mermaid or a fishtail lehenga

As the name suggests, the Mermaid or Fishtail Lehenga is inspired by the body form of mythical mermaids. These lehengas are fitted at the knees and flare out from the calfs to the toes. It’s tighter in the hip area than other lehenga patterns, therefore it’s better for girls with hourglass shapes, as it highlights your body – and draws attention to you.

Lehenga with flowers

Floral Lehengas are a celebration of color and print, resulting in a new and enticing appearance. Ladies are now adorning their lehengas with flowery color and prints, rather than focusing on silk and heavy brocade with embroidery work.It can either be a plain lehenga with a floral print choli or a floral lehenga with simple crop top blouse design, floral is the trend of this season.

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Ladies’ lehengas have long been the dress of choice for all festive and wedding events. However, with the passage of time, they have become too complacent. Cape Lehengas are the latest fashion trend, bringing their own beauty and style to the ladies’ wardrobe. The name derives from the cape that is worn over the choli to give it a royal appearance.

Jacket and Lehenga

A modern style that is catching the attention of Indian women these days. The lehenga is kept simple and flowing, with a long jacket adorned with zardosi embroidery or design work on velvet. The jacket gives you a sleek look and is ideal for girls with broad shoulders because it makes them appear slimmer and sharper.

Lehenga half saree

This lehenga is based on the South Indian Half Saree, which is popular among women in southern India, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. You can mimic the look of a saree without having to deal with the difficulty of tying and managing one. The effect is created by the unique way the dupatta is wrapped around the Lehenga, giving it a saree-like appearance.

Lehenga with a Crop Top

Crop top lehengas have piqued Indian women’s interest to buy and free shipping lehenga choli and sarees for Crop tops and ghagra are also popular among ladies. It can now be seen not only in bridal lehengas, but also in South Indian Kanjivaram sarees. It not only draws attention to your belly, making you appear thinner, but it also gives the entire ensemble a modern vibe.

Lehenga in Pakistani Style

Pakistani fashion Lehengas are based on styles worn by Pakistani ladies in sports. They are distinguished by a lengthier choli that falls well below the waist and long sleeves that cover the majority of your arm and hand. Heavy embroidery in beautiful patterns adorns both the blouse and the lehenga.The dupatta is usually worn over the heads, giving the garment a more traditional appearance.

Lehengas with Kalidars or Panels

Multiple panels of fabric are attached along the flare of the lehenga to create the Kalidar lehenga. The extra fabric utilised creates a broader look with additional volume. While the panels add volume and flare to the lehenga, they also make it more difficult to carry and heavier. This lehenga is ideal for ladies who want to hide their excessive flab, as it helps you appear thinner.

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