What is a patch?

The material that is used in the objects that have holes in them is called the patch. Basically, a patch is a flexible material that is fixed to repair holes. It is also used to protect against damages. The patch is also meant for design to make an object more beautiful. Patches are often used to decorate either cloth or fabric items.

What is acustom deployment patches?

We understood what a patch is and what the purpose of using it is. Now, we will discuss the custom deployment patches. It is a piece of embroidery created using fabric and thread. These patches are affixed to the fabric surface where there is a hole just for making the fabric item more beautiful by using either a pin or by sewing or by modern methods like iron-on, dryer heat-activated adhesive, or Velcro backing. It is also called a cloth badge and is a very old tradition to repair holes or making fabric items more beautiful looking.


  1. A custom deployment patchesis a patch that is embroidered with a customized design, color combination, and Stitch. Custom embroidered patches are made after selecting the right design, right color combination, and Stitch pattern.
  2. These patches come with the design, color combination, and Stitching style picked up by the customers of their choice.
  3. There are several designs and numerous color combinations, as well as a Stitching style available for making patches. Out of these many designs, color combinations, and Stitching styles a particular one is selected by making three choices together like design, color combination, and Stitching pattern.

How it is made?

Traditionally, the embroidered patch is made by hand. Schiffli embroidery machine was introduced in the twentieth century. In the first half of this century, this machine was used to make adeployment patch. Later high-speed computerized machines are introduced which led to the mass production of this material. Now a day several embroidery machines are used to make this material.

Patches and patches back;

Patches come with several types of material made and each material made patch is used for a different purpose. Different patches come with different longevity and size. The backing is the most important thing in affixing patches as this will add to the longevity. As discussed right above there are several materials used to make patches and different materials made backing are suitable for different material made patches.

Which backing is for which patch?

  1. Though, the iron-on backing and the sew-on backing are the most durable backings for cotton made patches since cotton is a versatile material any backing made of any material can be used to affix the cotton made patch.
  2. Sew-on backing, adhesive backing, or Velcro backing are the suitable backings for polyester, nylon, and spandex patches. Vinyl and leather patches are best to be affixed with sew-on backing, velcro backing, and adhesive. Iron-on and sew-on backings are the most durable backings used to affix the denim made patches, but these material made patches can be affixed with any of the backings available.
  3. Iron-on backing, sew-on backing, Velcro backing, and adhesive are the best and most suitable for affixing work out material sweatpants made patches.

Why custom deployment patches are best patches?

  1. In the patch market, there are numerous patches available and there is lots of versatility available for choosing to make patches.
  2. But, out of these custom deployment patchesare the most reliable and best patches as these offer making patch by customer’s own choice, as well as with these patches people have the ability to showcase their own unique and style statement.

Affordable price

These patches are cost-effective patches available in the market as the customer has the option to choose one particular material between several available materials and design, color combination, stitching style as well. So, these patches are the best patches when it comes to showcasing a person’s own uniqueness with keeping in mind the very obvious thing that the style statement does not cause much to the pocket.

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