When you are hiring an SEO firm, you must bear in mind that it isn’t different from hiring new members of staff in your company. You are hiring for expertise and skill that will propel your business to the top. The same way you won’t hire just anyone without skill and experience, you shouldn’t just hire an agency based on promises or word of mouth.

DubSEO has made a list of important factors you need to consider before hiring any company that claims to be an SEO expert in London.

  •  Research

If your website has a low ranking, you need to find out the cause and why this is the case. Ask your company for a full audit, and do a lot of analysis on your setbacks and how you can improve better. Gauge the competition too as well, and monitor your progress slowly.

  • Strategies and Plan

Once you have undertaken proper research, it’s time to start working. One way to know that the company is authentic is that they keep you informed of every step, plan or strategy. If they are working behind your back, then they may not have your best interests at heart.

  • Tracking Progress

Just because your site ranks high on search engines doesn’t necessarily mean it is successful. This is a dangerous and erroneous belief. Make use of analytics, and push your team to create ideas and strategies that would bring conversion.

  • Local SEO

If you run a small business, then this would be invaluable to you, as you could reach clients who reside around where your business is located. However, consistency, patience, and a high level of professionalism are what you will need because getting results isn’t that easy in the world of local SEO. Therefore, if you aim to reach those around you, find an agency with proven results on local SEO.

  • Content Creation

Content is the lifeblood of digital success. In the field of SEO, it is incredibly crucial. It would help if you were sure about whether the agency would use old content, or make use of fresh ones. If they want a new approach, check out their past content creation records. How excellent are they in creating content that attracts customers? Can they create fresh, original and versatile content? What is their reason for deciding on new content? What is their language and communication quality? Can they effectively communicate?

  • Search Engine Regulations

Can your agency or consultant adhere strictly to the rules established by Google, Bing and Yahoo? It would be best if you found out. If sloppy work is done for you, or there’s slight disobedience of the rules, your website will suffer greatly for it, and this would, in turn, affect your business. Be sure that they follow guidelines before putting your business in their hands.

  • Site Changes

Most likely, your site will change. But make sure that you are hiring the right expertise for the changes, and that you are involved in it every step of the way. When any significant changes occur, be sure to question why, and be satisfied with the why. Does the SEO firm have skilled developers to effect the changes? When it comes to SEO, you can’t do without excellent skills. Putting your website in the hands of amateurish developers is a risk.

  • Full Rights on Content

If this isn’t cleared up from the beginning, it could turn into a major issue. Ensure that it is established right from the start that even if your contract is terminated early, you’d still have full ownership and rights over your content and no changes must be made after the expiration.

  • Keywords

Keywords are the most instrumental things in SEO. The success of your SEO is very much dependent on the kinds of keywords used. Whatever company you decide to team up with must be current and up to date on the latest keywords. Can they get keywords synonymous with your business features? Do they know the difference between longtail keywords and shorter ones? Are they using outdated keywords or trendy ones? These are the most fundamental questions you must ask.

  • Cost

Perhaps this should have been number one. As a business owner, a golden rule, you must understand and adhere to is that you must never spend beyond or above what your business generates. If you do, you are heading for disaster. It might take some time, but research companies that can give you top services without needing to create a dent in your bank account monthly. At DubSEO, we are a pocket-friendly brand, and undoubtedlyone of the best in London SEO.

  • Communication

Set a fixed communication schedule either via email, calls, Skype, zoom or whatever suits you. The most important thing is to keep up with progress by getting regular updates.

In Conclusion

These are the most pertinent things to note when looking for an SEO firm to partner with for the advancement of your business. Yes, it’s very much possible to fulfil your SEO needs by yourself if you are tech-savvy, and you understand the field. But think about doing this while running a full-time business. Something is bound to suffer. Either your business does, or your SEO. In these times, there have been so many negative projections for businesses. Perhaps the most prominent one being that a whopping 90% of startups are projected to fail or closeout within their first year of formation. Scary, isn’t it? But your business doesn’t have to be a part of that negative prediction when you align with DubSEO. SEO has fierce competition. But our skills, experience and expertise will make sure that your business doesn’t just stand out, but you’d also reap bountiful results in terms of sales.

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