In hot summers, we rely heavily on cold winds from the air conditioner. The last thing to do in mid-July is grill and thaw in a closed house or office building.

Before you die due to a faulty cooling system, you need to understand for yourself the five most common problems associated with AC systems.

1. Low cooling level

A refrigerator called Freon plays an important role in cooling your air conditioning unit. Freon is a chemical that cools the air. The cooled air is then channeled throughout the house. In short, if the refrigerator is small, your home will not be cold.

In most cases, your refrigerator is small because freon is leaking somewhere in the system. Adding new liquid can solve the problem temporarily, but will eventually decrease further. The best way is to find a leak and fix it right away.

2. The external fan is damaged

Outdoor fans are responsible for removing heat from your home. If the fan does not work properly, the air conditioner should be repaired immediately. Continuous hot air can heat the compressor and cause permanent damage to the equipment.

In general, excessive safety loads can cause the machine to die when overheating inside. However, it can cause a lot of damage before the safety load starts. If you notice that the external fan is not working or your system is not working properly, turn off the air conditioner and contact a technician.

Air conditioner technician mechanic wearing mask and helmet to prevent disease, covid 19 currently using electric drill to install air conditioner.

3. The outside does not work

Be prepared for major air conditioner repair dubai when the exterior does not work. The system may not receive enough power. This may be a simple problem with the connection in the unit. Your thermostat is not working properly. The thermostat may require a new battery or a complete replacement.

4. Phone damage

Electric power outages can be one of the most dangerous. If the air conditioner is installed by an inexperienced, unqualified technician, or simply accidentally, faulty wiring can result in fire hazards. The system will not receive the force required for proper operation or the circuit breaker will break continuously.

5. Frozen inner coil

If the coil is in a frozen device, the solution is as simple as replacing a dirty filter, or the drain may need to be cleaned. At some point, the flow is limited and the coil becomes too cold. An expert in repairing your air conditioner will help you determine what to do.

The best option to avoid this problem is to make a maintenance plan. In the spring, it is best to check your air conditioning system before hot weather enters. Your air conditioning repair specialist can assess your air conditioner and diagnose any problems. In the summer months, you will be able to get rid of most of the small problems before they become a major disaster.

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