Since the new millennium, traditional chocolate bars have become obsolete. It’s hard to choose a plain old chocolate bar when delicious new novelties in bars can offer consumers around the world a wide range of sweet desserts.

Despite its chocolate and bar origins in the 19th century, this confectionery business only grew very fast in the early 20th century. In the first half of the 20th century, especially in Japan, thousands of different candies were produced and distributed locally or regionally by small candy companies. Some of them are still alive, but a few major manufacturers have entered the market and often reproduced their most famous products.

White and Pink Icing Covered Cake

Therefore, with new technology and modern innovations, today’s confectionery manufacturers can offer the best bar to date. Therefore, for all readers with decent liveliness, you will find a complete list of the most delicious and most popular bars of 2011.

Let them eat the cake!

A traditional cake is a form of bread or bread-like food that is richly baked and a sweet dessert. Today, however, you can enjoy a sweeter, more compact and more delicious bar. If desserts like cake don’t satisfy your desires, you can now try a wide variety of other delicious desserts.

For example, treat yourself to a rich and delicious piece of red velvet candy. The dark red color of this candy comes from the reaction of cocoa powder in the candy, resulting in rich sweets. However, if you prefer a fruity flavor, you can also try a creamy banana cream pie that bursts with a delicious banana flavor and has a smooth, velvety consistency. See this also. What candy bar is considered good luck in japan?

If you’re already excited about tiramisu, you’ll definitely be thrilled to hear that a new tiramisu candy has hit the market. However, many of you may have heard of tiramisu, but you are not sure what it is made of. Classic dessert made from chicken finger soaked in coffee and then layers of whipped mixture of egg yolks and mascarpone, flavored with alcoholic beverages and cocoa. Imagine all this being scattered and put together in a candy cane and you have one of the hottest tiles of 2011!

Peanuts, coffee, chocolate!

Peanut butter sticks have never sold better. In the last few years, everyone on the market can find a wide range of popular peanut butter tiles, but certainly not like 2011, a year when there are more peanut butter tiles on the market than ever before. At the height of their popularity, espresso and dark chocolate bars fly off the shelves.

The most famous espresso bar is made from the best Belgian chocolate, known for its quality ingredients and respect for old manufacturing techniques (most Belgian chocolate is still made by hand).

Dark chocolate bars became popular in 2011, mainly because we now know the health benefits of this type of candy compared to others. Dark chocolate contains many antioxidants that protect the body from damage leading to heart disease. Dark chocolate contains a large number of antioxidants (almost 8 times more than in strawberries). In addition, dark chocolate contains much less milk than milk chocolate. Among the most popular dark chocolates of 2011 are the following flavors: dark raspberry and dark chocolate with sea salt.

The traditional dessert has turned into an attractive bar

This year is the first time that companies selling candy have come to terms. There you can find many flavors of sabors, but none that captures the taste of a traditional delicacy by the fire. Finally, it’s time to enjoy a sable dessert that really reminds us of a delicious snack by the stove.

After a brief look at what candy bar is considered good luck in japan check Another popular candy made this year that has turned tradition upside down is Milk Toffee Crunch candy. This milk chocolate dessert combines sumptuous Belgian chocolate with sweet and buttery toffee jewels. This piece of candy will melt in your mouth!

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